NCTE staff takes to the road to confront discriminatory employers

(April 1)–In their ongoing efforts to end discrimination against transgender people, the NCTE staff is taking to the road. The team of six is heading out for a cross-country trip to visit every single employer who is biased against transgender people. As they piled into the Winnebago they borrowed, they issued this collective statement: “We’ve had it! For far too long, bigots have been bringing their prejudice into the workplace and taking it out on transgender people. It has got to stop! So we’re going to go have a talk with them.” The group plans to first attempt to reason with employers and then, “give ’em a piece of our minds,” if they won’t listen. Having loaded up on chips, soda, candy bars, and other road trip necessities, they pulled out of DC today while leaning out the windows shouting, “Discrimination has got to go!!”.

And it is, of course, April Fool’s Day.

We are not, in fact, heading out on a road trip. Instead, we are staying here in DC doing very serious work to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which will–in actuality–send a message to discriminatory employers across our country that their actions are no longer acceptable . It is time to make it illegal to discriminate against transgender people and other members of the LGBT community. Your members of Congress are at home right now, working from their districts. Will you please call their offices and let them know that support ENDA and you are calling on them to do so as well. Here’s all the info you need to make that call: You can also find the district office numbers for your Representatives by visiting Put your zip + 4 in the upper left hand corner and it will find your Rep. for you. Thanks for your help!

5 Responses to NCTE staff takes to the road to confront discriminatory employers

  1. Ben Hudson says:

    First thing I thought was “I want to go!!”
    So while you folks stay in DC doing the serious work, can others of us go on the road trip?
    I’m game. Where’s that winebago?

  2. I thought the same thing. AWESOME, I want to go. Darn April Fools. Don’t toy with me emotions like that =)

  3. Jennifer Chavez says:

    This really needs to happen, other than the fact that there are probably to many bigoted assholes out there than you would have time to visit. What a great idea though, bring it out in the open what these sorry excuses for human beings are doing. Don’t let them hide behind closed doors! Damn, this is a great idea! Wish I could afford to do it.

  4. Lincoln says:


    On the heels of Choi’s chaining himself to the White House fence, I thought gleefully “Yee-haw! The direct action virus is catching!”

    Alas, you’re staying home.

    You know, the Pepsi Refresh project is funding new ideas. You can ask for up to 250,000…and you win if enough people VOTE for you!

    Just sayin.

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