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  1. Looking to help with get new laws past in Maryland and fed, to protect our rights that are not being looked out for at present

  2. julie says:

    hi! I would like to join and end discrimination against GLBT Americans!~ I feel this is a great time to do it especially with the Baucmans and such present!:)

  3. M Joy Meyer says:

    We were denied a change for our child at the SS office in Washington state. They did not accept the physician’s letter because it needed to say “surgery” not just clinical changes.

  4. I’ve got the fever (so a friend tells me) and there is a cure,..Advocacy!!

  5. Jamie Lee Eadline says:

    I am transsexual and retired law enforcement 30 years. Since retirement I am beginning to live my life!

    About time!

    Jamie Lee

  6. Don’t forget to support the Trevor Project and It Gets Better in your daily lives.

  7. Paris Castigon says:

    I hope one day Philippines would open their arms with TS people like me living here.. It’s hard not to be given equality.. More Power guys!

  8. Brianna Matthews says:

    I would like to know how employers are required to update their employee documentation on the recent EEOC ruling regarding trans discrimination??

  9. Shea LaRoux says:

    I go to a non-profit school, Wright Career College in Overland Park, Kansas, and they refuse to let me use the restroom. We need laws to extend to these institutions.

  10. Kathy Huff says:

    Last year I was in a financial bind and needed gas and food money. I went to a plasma center to sell my plasma. After getting my information and taking my picture I was told I couldn’t sell plasma because I’m transgender. Its also my understanding that the local blood bank wont take donations from transgenders. That is profiling and discrimination. I’m not one who has multiple sex partners, I’m in a committed relationship and engaged to be married to my girlfriend.

  11. michell says:

    hi i need help please’m seriously is my email i am from venezuela is really need them please writte me

  12. Claire Lynn says:

    Well, in Seattle, WA I went into Macy’s and the security guard thought that my fat stores were very masculine, so he told me I was male and when I said i was female, he said that is to be argued. Then I lost weight and the last time I was in there 2 other tgirls were in there with me. I also changed the gender marker on my ID to F. The cops didn’t side with me bcuz they didn’t like my ID. Cops don’t have as much training as federal agents as they don’t have to go thru law school.

  13. Sasha Ingram says:

    I live in a conservative republican state,Oklahoma,in the bible belt.There are NO centers for Transgender women. No gender therapists. No anti-discrimination laws against LGBT people. No hate crime laws for LGBT people. Most of the Lgbt community here has HIV/Aids..they live in fear. We dont have health care access as transpeople and no stable and reliable safe places to live openly. This is my home state where I was born. I am ready for change and if it doesnt get better, Im relocating to where it is better cause I cant take this much longer.

  14. I am transsexual veteran. I am looking to help with get new laws past in New Jersey, to protect our rights that are not being looked out for at present.
    I just started a race for the New Jersey General Assembly as a write-in for the Democratic Candidate
    in the June 4th 2013 Democratic Primary for the right to run in the General Election.
    Opposing the Republican Incumbents
    Sean T. Kean And David P. Rible
    In the 30th District of the
    New Jersey General Assembly.

  15. Alexisis Alexandra French - 20013 says:

    All Transgender People need to have equal rights to bath-rooms as much as any one I have a proposal the Safe Bathrooms Initiative and from now one all major profitable companies must have unisex bathrooms and must make accommodations to get tax cuts and if they will not they will be shut down.

  16. Lynda Nice says:

    How do you expect to gain medical equality when the Gay community traded our right to equal access for the repeal of D.A.D.T.along with the right to serve in the military, having the president calling us mentally ill, while at the same time H.H.S.and the A.M.A. consider our treatment to be cosmetic. We are being penalized for an illness and still being denied treatment at the same time. Where was N.C.T.E. when this happened, Is you organization so pro L.G.B. rights that you are willing to sacrifice transgender rights and equality

  17. Lisa Estrine says:

    I am Lisa Estrine, I am a cancer survivor and a veteran and a transgender woman. I am friendly with Kirstin Beck and know transgenders in the community.

  18. Dalia Benitez says:

    Good morning,

    First of all, thanks for your social activity within the transgender collective and me.

    My name is María, founder of Translingerie, the first company aimed at designing underwear for trans, cross and drag people. We make and design garments that we seldom find due to the current society. We take care about we want and people want.

    Now we have many collections for transgender people. Our clothings are designed under a resistant fabric adaptable to any body shapes. A little innovative applique is also included so as to hold and keep the male member safe and enjoy freedom of movement.

    Why are we getting in touch with you? Because we are devoted to a small group of the society but that does not mean it is less important. Due to this fact we have to be selective in where do we include information about our activity. We would like to know whether you would put any link, comment or notice which redirects into our website,

    All our workers are trans people, we want to help people with our underwear and help trans having a normal job out of prostitution.

    We would like to be in your Social media and sometimes you can put info about us, we can put a link to your web in our Social media if you like. We only want to help people to feel comfortable and happy in the daily life.

    We would like to apologise beforehand if you do not agree with our way of thinking, by contacting you or choose ways to promote us we only want help people to feel comfy.

    We request your understanding and do not hesitate to contact us.

    It would be very helpful for us to appear in your website or if you talk about us.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Maria M.

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