NCTE, Kaiser Permanente Host First “Community Clinician Roundtable”

This month, the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) and Kaiser Permanente co-sponsored a first-ever convening of over 30 Washington, DC area physicians, therapists, lawyers and advocates to share information with each other about providing comprehensive care for transgender people. Topics included recent changes in healthcare insurance coverage, Medicare and Medicaid rules, and specific ways providers can better treat transgender clients and patients.

Lisa Mottet, Deputy Director of NCTE, offered an overview of changes in laws and policies governing insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid. Mottet’s training included provider’s obligation to sign up to take insurance, Medicare and Medicaid.

Photo: Ted Eytan

Photo: Ted Eytan

In February 2014, Washington, DC Mayor Vincent Gray announced that all insurance sold in the District is required to cover transition-related care. DC is joined most recently by New York State, which, this month, banned insurance exclusions in private insurance and Medicaid. In total, nine states including the District of Columbia have taken action to eliminate these outdated exclusions: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington State.

As the training drew to a close, providers shared their insights on caring for transgender patients and re-dedicated themselves to working with insurers to advocate for care for transgender people. NCTE is committed to providing trainings and meetings with providers to ensure that no transgender person is denied access to the care they need.

Photo: Ted Eytan

Photo: Ted Eytan

3 Responses to NCTE, Kaiser Permanente Host First “Community Clinician Roundtable”

  1. Sir Vertigo says:

    Kaiser has been amazing for so many trans and intersexed people for many years. I’m happy and proud to be a Kaiser member 😊… Now if only Kaiser would really take the lead and remove exclusions from all their plans regardless if the state has passed a ban on not! I should be able to go to any state Kaiser is and not have to worry if my coverage for care will change, for example if I moved back to Virginia I’d no longer have Trans coverage because VA is still allowed to discriminate. If they really want to stand out as a insurance and health management system they should consider across the board removing all exclusions to care for all Kaiser permanente members nationally. Maybe this is something you at NCTE can send to the higher ups that be from one of the many northern California KP members.

  2. Sir Vertigo says:

    Reblogged this on Masculinity: A Surgical Exploration and commented:
    That’s what I’m talking about KP! 😁 this is only the tip of what brewing up their sleeves. And totally more States are coming with mandates here very soon!

  3. misslynda101 says:

    How come H.H.S. and Medicare are always putting up road blocks for seniors and the disabled??? I guess we do not count

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