National Institutes of Health Issues Progress Report on LGBT Health Research

In 2011, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) released the most comprehensive report to date on LGBT health, focusing heavily on the lack of adequate research and health data on LGBT populations. This month, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) issued a progress report that surveyed what federally-supported LGBT health research has been done and what still needs to be done.

A number of areas were given as needing attention including addressing methodological issues (how to study LGBT health effectively), improving the cultural competency of health providers/researchers and increasing communication between the NIH and those doing LGBT research and the other federal agencies.

The full report can be found here, but overall it is an impressive work that represents a great dedication to improving research on LGBT health as well as more personal care. This is particularly clear because the director of the NIH, Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D., himself issued a statement earlier today regarding the publication, which reflects the NIH’s dedication even at the highest level. As Doctor Collins alludes to in his statement, the NIH has created a plan and seems to be looking at this as an opportunity to increase research in the field of LGBTI health in general and in specific populations, as affected by other traits.

Along with the potential research opportunities cited in their plan, the NIH reports support for new workshops and plans for further outreach opportunities.

There is much, much more to be done going forward to build a stronger foundation for improving the health of LGBT individuals, families, and communities. The new NIH report helps point the way toward those next steps.


4 Responses to National Institutes of Health Issues Progress Report on LGBT Health Research

  1. shelle48 says:

    As I have stated many times,the group that has the largest need of research and access to health care are the the ones on the end,LGB….T most sites I visit about transgendered people always say there isn’t a lot of research into transgender people so we can’t make a definitive statement about your issue. Well why on earth isn’t the research being done,because our issue isn’t what the other three letters are about which is sex,and ours is a completely different one it’s gender.

  2. […] National Institutes of Health Issues Progress Report on LGBT Health Research. […]

  3. shelle48 says:

    Furthermore I thought this was about transgendered persons, not lesbian ,gay and bisexuals.

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