New iPhone App Finds Nearby Gender Neutral Restrooms

Finally, there is an easy way to find gender neutral restrooms while on the go. A new app, TranSquat, allows users to search for nearby gender neutral restrooms using their iPhone. The app is powered by safe2pee, a nationwide directory of gender neutral restrooms. Users can add and share new locations to help build the directory.

The National Transgender Discrimination Survey found that 22% of transgender and gender nonconforming people were denied access to restrooms appropriate to their gender at work. Using gender-specific restrooms as a trans or gender non-conforming person may lead to stressful, embarrassing, and even threatening situations. And transgender people who regularly delay restroom use out of fear can develop urinary infections and other health problems.

What’s the downside? For now, the app is only available on the iPhone and costs $2.99. Other smartphone users can access the safe2pee database through the mobile site at

Check it out and tweet @transequality to tell us what you think!

14 Responses to New iPhone App Finds Nearby Gender Neutral Restrooms

  1. Liz LaVenture. says:

    Nice! Although, I personally have never been denied access I know it is major concern in our community.

  2. Sherri-ann says:

    Like Liz I’ve never been denied use of the ladies room, but there was a time when this app would have come in handy, and I think it will benefit our community greatly as far as a comfort.

  3. pasupatidasi says:

    Reblogged this on Pasupatidasi's Blog and commented:
    i look forward to a day when gender isn’t an issue at all…where an affirm female can simply, safely use the ‘girls’ room. but until then, this app seems apropos. hope android makes one, for those of us who aren’t apple cultists

  4. […] database of safe bathrooms on the south plains.  This press release is from TransgenderEquality (…) Finally, there is an easy way to find gender neutral restrooms while on the go. A new app, […]

  5. […] press release is from TransgenderEquality (…) Finally, there is an easy way to find gender neutral restrooms while on the go. A new app, […]

  6. Alex says:

    Good to add an app for
    1. Doctors
    2. Electrologists

  7. Andrea Stringer says:

    These are necessary for people with disabilities who have a carer of the opposite sex helping them in the bathroom.
    UK has many of them on their freeways.

  8. TranSquat says:

    Many thanks for the mention! xo TranSquat

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  10. test says:

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  11. […] Here it is: New iPhone App Finds Nearby Gender Neutral Restrooms | National Center for Transgender Equality's Bl… […]

  12. Anonymous says:

    Providing “Gender-Neutral” bathrooms is not the right way to deal with those whom are victimized because they say they’re of a different gender. It only perpetuates one form of discrimination over another—namely that of discriminating against those of us whom identify as heterosexual & whom expect a certain level of moral decency with respect to the gender we identify with.

    This is setting a dangerous precedent which seeks to gravely undermine the very fabric of our own human existence…

    I strongly disagree and I urgently implore anyone with enough common decency and respect for modesty to consider the implications of this insouciant attempt to degrade the human species to nothing more than a perverted collective of “non-threatening” and equally “threatening” individuals, whom do not respect another person’s desire for their own privacy to be rightfully protected by a properly placed category.

    • Hqudw2 says:

      I would have to agree with you Anonymous. This is setting a very dangerous precedent.

      Our humanity is being threatened on a grand scale with the exploitation of sex. Hollywood has been doing this for years and its obvious that is why the divorce rate alone is so high among the majority of celebrities and musicians.

      Very few famous people refuse to sell their soul to the Devil, refusing to identify with the debauched, wishy-washy entertainment which continues to promote sexually-depraved violence and hate as well as infidelity as normal.

      There was a time long ago when the world was not full of these vile and destructive things——-a part of history which many conveniently choose to ignore or not even acknowledge at all.

      I would never condone mistreatment of anyone nor would I badger people with the word of God either ( and I’m not saying that’s what you’re doing), but Jesus did teach them to honor God’s righteous principles and to live by them. Free will is not an excuse not to live by them but is a justifiable test of Loyalty from God so that we can show him how much we really love him by giving him that honor——-because of the life he gave us as promised through his son.

      Even when people with sincere intent, try to reason with others about these things, such people are usually still vilified because they don’t “go with the flow” nor choose to “follow the crowd.”

      If you pay real close attention to what’s going on right now, the stage is already being set by the oligarch’s with the current governmental push for gender-neutrality and the forced influence of these sick and twisted ideologies which only defy what it means to be a human being, not to mention dishonor the heavenly creator of all life——-the God of the universe——-the one whom has every right to set universal laws and righteous principles to live by.

      How dare we, as God’s human creation, question his rightful sovereignty. How easy we forget what history has taught us…

      Sodom and Gomorrah were real cities, of which have been thoroughly examined by archeologists for years. The evidence of their discoveries have proven beyond the shadow of any doubt, that those two ancient cities were destroyed by a big event, of which was further corroborated by the large deposits of sulfur and ash.

      Anyone who doubts the existence of the Sodom and Gomorrah ruins should pay a visit, look around and feel the ruins for themselves!

      History doesn’t lie…

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