The Federal Trans Agenda in a Word Cloud

We were excited by the enthusiasm around the release of our paper, “A Blueprint for Equality: A Federal Agenda for Transgender Equality.” It’s not an easy document to get through; transgender equality at the federal level is large and complex. Check out the WordCloud of the Blueprint to see just how hyper-focused we are on trans issues across the government.

Tweet and Facebook this blog post to help your friends and allies understand what trans equality looks like. Click below for more reactions on the Blueprint from our twitter followers.

Commenting on the expansiveness of our agenda in the Blueprint, Stephen Ira, a prominent trans writer and activist, tweeted:

Unfortunately, the one recommendation we couldn’t accommodate came from Transgender Hulk:


One Response to The Federal Trans Agenda in a Word Cloud

  1. I am always confused by Transgender Rights or Equality Bills. Is the aim to help transsexuals or is the aim to give rights to transvestites and cross-dressers? Is the aim to give transsexuals and transvestites and cross-dressers the same rights?

    Never have gotten a straight answer on either question.

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