New Study Reveals Risks of Being Trans in Washington, DC

Yesterday, the DC Trans Coalition (DCTC) released findings of the first phase in its ongoing Needs Assessment Project, which revealed a high need for safety and security for DC transgender residents. Other primary concerns include housing stability, unemployment, and emotional well-being. Sadie Ryanne Vashti, DCTC organizer and former NCTE staff member, reports that sex work locations were central to the trans community. Vashti says, “participants overwhelmingly described the strolls as places where – despite the high chances of facing harassment or arrest – trans people go to look out for their friends, distribute resources, and support one another.”

This first phase of the study consisted of six roundtables with over 100 trans community members who came to 1) discuss questions they wanted to be included in the survey, and 2) map the areas of the city where they see themselves as “trans community members, living and working.” The study hopes to shed light on where and how transgender people access materials that reflect the needs of trans people in physical and mental health, employment, housing, and immigration.

Read the full report from the DC Trans Coalition here.


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