Quick Hit: Obama Administration Taking Action Against Anti-Trans Housing Discrimination

In a recent HuffPost article, John Trasvina, Assistant Secretary of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, shares the Obama Administration’s unparalleled action seeking protections for transgender people from housing discrimination. Trasvina says:

Some LGBT individuals and families hide their identities in order to secure the apartment or house they want. That is not a price that anyone should pay in the United States of America.

While there is no consensus on the pace of full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people, the Administration has been at the forefront of transgender rights. In housing policies alone, the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) agency:

  • Is proposing the Equal Access to Housing rule that protects access to all HUD programs regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation or marital status.
  • Is preparing a national study examining housing discrimination against the LGBT community.
  • Has, through a national listening series, involved LGBT people across the country in shaping their housing policy.
  • Sought feedback specifically from transgender and gender non-conforming people and their advocates.

In an NCTE statement on the new HUD policies, Executive Director Mara Keisling said:

“There are so many individuals and families who rely on HUD’s programs to ensure that they have a roof over their heads and that they can make ends meet […] And yet far too often, they have encountered discriminatory landlords and regulations that make it impossible for them to have a fair deal. HUD’s strong stand against discrimination will make a concrete difference in the lives of transgender people and our families. Every American needs and deserves a home.”

Read the full blog post here.

Read NCTE’s statement on the HUD policy here.

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