NCTE and allies urge TSA to treat trans travelers fairly

Just before Thanksgiving we provided a travel advisory for transgender people in light of invasive new TSA screening procedures. Unfortunately, in recent weeks we have been hearing disturbing reports from some trans people about how they have been treated at the airport. While most transgender people have traveled without incident over the last month,  these stories confirm that TSA’s current policies not only violate the privacy of all travelers but create serious risks that trans people will be detained, humiliated and harassed. Today NCTE joined with the National Center for Lesbian Rights and Transgender Law Center in sending a letter to TSA Administrator John Pistole urging immediate action to ensure transgender people do not encounter abuse at the airport.

NCTE and our allied organizations will continue to oppose intrusive and ineffective TSA practices and to work for appropriate policies and staff training to prevent harassment and abuse of transgender travelers. If you have encountered mistreatment by airport security staff, we need to hear your story. NCTE, NCLR and TLC have created a simple web form where you can share your airport experience. Please note: This is not a legal intake form – these stories will be used to advocate for changes in TSA policies and procedures.

In addition to completing our incident report form, we strongly encourage you to file a complaint directly with the Department of Homeland Security, Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties on their website.

One Response to NCTE and allies urge TSA to treat trans travelers fairly

  1. […] treatments and surgery, and found out how difficult they are to access. Hell, they even brought in the danger that trans people face in going through airport body scanners. They learned all that, and then what did they do? They made all that hurt and all those barriers […]

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