We love our adopted pets!

Our adopted pets

Ruby, Monty, Puffington and Nibaru

It’s National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week and we wanted to show off our staff members’ wonderful adopted pets.  Ruby (a border collie and pit bull mix), who is part of Stephanie White’s family, and Monty (a chocolate lab mix), my dog, were both adopted from animal shelters after being found as strays. Mara Keisling’s Puffington (a Shih Tzu) came from a breed rescue. The only cat in the group is Nibaru, adopted from an unwanted litter by Harper Jean Tobin.

All of these animals make our lives much richer and we encourage you to adopt a pet when you are looking for one.

For more information about Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, visit the Humane Society of the United States website.


One Response to We love our adopted pets!

  1. Rebecca Juro says:

    Awesome post, Justin! Aside from LGBT/trans issues, animal rights and adoption are the most important issues to me.

    When I worked at Petsmart a few years ago, I saw both the worst and the best in people when it came to their pets and especially in how they treated cats and dogs.

    Not a week went by that we wouldn’t come in to open the store one morning and find a box or basket of kittens or puppies in front of the door. They left them with us because they knew that when we found them we’d call the rescue folks and they’d take care of them.

    And I’ll tell you that those rescue folks are just amazing. Their level of commitment to the cause and their level of organization is nothing short of stunning. We could learn a lot from the way these folks advocate and administer their cause.

    When I decided it was time to get a kitten, I knew I’d never be comfortable buying one with so many unwanted cats in need of good homes. As fate would have it, a close friend’s cat had an unexpected litter which my friend had to get rid of before an impending move to a new apartment. Knowing that the kittens which were not adopted by the time my friend had to vacate would be heading to the local shelter, I chose one that seemed especially friendly and took her home.

    In short, I really lucked out. Jasmine is the best pet I’ve ever had, and knowing that I saved her from the shelter and maybe even being put to sleep feels really good.

    Y’know, for me there’s a lot of overlap between the LGBT and animal rights movements. Both are about doing what you know is right and treating other living beings the way you yourself would like to be treated. Both movements are led by dedicated groups of activists who are considered by many to represent the radical fringe. Both are fighting for justice and to defend life.

    This is just one example of an area where I think progressive social causes can unite and work together for the betterment of all of us. The issues may not be same, but the ultimate goals are virtually identical.

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