Caring and Aging with Pride

NCTE has been working in recent months with SAGE and the National LGBT Aging Roundtable to bring greater attention to the needs and vulnerabilities of transgender, lesbian, gay and bisexual older adults. One of the great challenges in advancing equity for this population is the paucity of data. Now there is an opportunity for you to help fill that gap.

FORGE and the Institute for Multigenerational Health at them University of Washington are collaborating on the Caring and Aging with Pride project to better under stand the needs of LGBT people over 50. They are conducting what could be a major survey, and we strongly encourage transgender people over 50 to participate. You can complete the Caring and Aging with Pride survey online or by mail. Your participation helps ensure that this project produces valuable data on transgender older adults that can be used to advance policy, training and education. The project is also conducting a raffle for a $500 Visa gift certificate, and you can enter this raffle online whether or not you choose to complete the survey questionnaire.


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