Nondiscrimination in Tampa – almost there

Congratulations to the city of Tampa, Florida, whose city council today preliminarily voted to prohibit discrimination based on gender identity and expression. While the law will not become final until a second vote on November 19, today’s 6-1 vote appears to assure that the ordinance, which was requested by the city’s human rights board, will become law. The Tampa ordinance covers housing, employment and public accommodations.

Tampa (population approximately 341,000) now joins 112 other cities and counties around the country, (including more than half a dozen in Florida) in prohibiting discrimination against transgender people. Hats off to Mayor Pam Ioro, Human Rights Board Chair Philip Dinkins, and all the council members supporting the ordinance.


One Response to Nondiscrimination in Tampa – almost there

  1. Ricki says:

    This hopeful victory would be the fruit of years of work by individuals who were ignored by the Gay Press and even deplored in the Central Florida transcommunity as being too "angry" and "radical"

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