Sign the ENDA petition – and tell your friends

While much of our attention is focused on the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes bill, right now is also a critical time to build support for ENDA. We currently have 146 House co-sponsors, but we need many more.

As part of our 9 Weeks for Equality campaign, we’ve launched a petition in support of a fully inclusive ENDA. Please sign the petition supporting the passage of a fully inclusive ENDA. Then reach out to your friends and ask them to do the same. The online petition will automatically generate a letter that is sent to your members of Congress.

You can also print out a petition and go out and gather some signatures at your local farmer’s market, at the student union, among your support group members or wherever people gather in your community. You can fax the petition to your members of Congress (see and for their fax numbers). Please send us a copy as well so we can give you credit and know how many people are signing.

Petitions need to be signed with people’s names; anonymous signatures are not counted by members of Congress. This is a time to take a stand for transgender equality. And, remember, we need as many signatures as possible-not just transgender people, but our co-workers, family members, friends and people in the general public who support equality.


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