Children are freaks?? Absolutely unacceptable.

Controversy has been swirling around KRXQ-FM’s radio program, Rob, Arnie & Dawn in the Morning, in Sacramento, California, after two of the hosts made dehumanizing statements this week about transgender children, calling them, among other things, freaks. While we defend the right of free speech, we also know that journalists and commentators have a responsibility to convey accurate information. In this case, in addition to Rob Williams and Arnie States calling trans children names, they incorrectly advocated that taunting, physical violence and therapy could be employed to change a child’s gender identity. This is both cruel and blatantly untrue.

Host Dawn Rossi, however, both stood up for transgender children and, on the evening following the show, spoke with transgender and allied activists and conveyed compassionate and accurate information on the follow up show.

NCTE recognizes the critical work being done on this case by Kim Pearson, Executive Director of Trans Youth Family Allies, as well as transgender blogger Autumn Sandeen, and by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) through their Director of National News, Cindi Creager, and Senior Media Analyst, Andy Marra (a long time member of NCTE). All of them spoke with Dawn Rossi to provide balanced information. Thank you for holding members of the media accountable for their statements and for taking the time to educate people are the realities of trans children.

GLAAD has issued an Action Alert, which we urge you to read and take action.

You can listen to the show and following up programs on the Rob, Arnie & Dawn website.


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