Q: Who Would Want to Build a Career With a Trans Job?

A: Some of the best and the brightest, that’s who.

As many of you know, NCTE just completed an exhaustive search for a policy analyst to add to our staff. When we began the search I was hopeful that we would get 50-60 applicants to choose from. I assumed we would get plenty of transgender-identified people who wanted to join us, and I expected that we would get many lesbian, gay, and bisexual applicants who are not transgender but who embrace the full LGBT movement.

What I didn’t expect was the sheer volume of applicants, their varied backgrounds, and the large number of people who have no direct connection to transgender rights. We received over 200 applications for this one position. We heard from academics, lawyers, researchers, social workers, and activists of all stripes. There were human rights activists, civil rights activists, and social justice junkies. We heard from longtime workers, career-switchers and newly-minted college grads looking to jump-start their careers.

I’m sure that some of this has to do with the current state of the economy. But that alone can’t account for this unprecedented level of interest. For some of the applicants, they were moved to action after watching family or friends transition and then struggle with inequality. But many people simply consider transgender rights to be the forefront of the civil rights movement. Today, a job working for transgender equality is seen as a career builder and that is a great position for all of us to be in.


One Response to Q: Who Would Want to Build a Career With a Trans Job?

  1. Joanna says:

    I’m glad you had such a response. I think the activist community is rather insular in it’s focus and I have experienced TG professionals that were barely qualified for their jobs but were chosen by virtue of their identity. I hope in making your decision you will choose the person most likely to do a good job even if it happens to be a straight white male.I work in social services as a life coach for people with severe and persistant mental illness, co-occuring with substance abuse issues. I would never consider working in a clinic or organization devoted to transgender clients only. I think the road to acceptance is best tread by being out in the world at large so our fellow citizens can come to know and respect us.

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