Congress Investigates Potential Voter Suppression

For those of you who have been following voting rights issues, check out the Leadership Council on Civil Rights (LCCR) March 11th article about Congressional investigation into voting suppression. The article is “Congress Probes Justice Department Efforts to Curb Voter Suppression“.

Given what happened in Florida during the 2000 election and in Ohio in 2004 (among other places), access to voting is a pertinent issue in the lead up to the 2008 presidential election. With the identity document issues that transgender people can face, it is easy for transpeople to become caught up in voter suppression efforts targeted at racial minorities and immigrants.

If you like would like to know more about voter suppression in general, see Wikipedia’s entry for a quick primer.

And f you haven’t already, check out NCTE’s handout, “Overcoming Voter Obstacles” for tips on how transgender people can deal with voting issues.

John Otto


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