Voter registration

Last week, I went down to the County Clerk’s office to update my voter registration in time for the upcoming caucuses here in New Mexico (I’m a telecommuter to NCTE’s Washington, DC offices). I’m moving so I needed to get my new address in the system. The incredibly helpful staff made sure I knew where my polling place was and helped me find it and my new home on the county maps. They even found the mistake I’d made in writing my new address and made sure I knew where I was actually living.

But then I still had to figure out just how this caucus thing works, since I’ve always lived in states with primaries, not caucuses. I had seen reports of the Iowa caucuses and thought it sounded rather intriguing, but in New Mexico it turns out to be pretty much like casting a ballot. I still had to contact my political party to figure out where to go or to get an absentee ballot, since the parties organize those.

Still, sleuthing it all out has been rather fun … and I hope that you, too, are finding out all the information you need to register to vote and to participate in the electoral process.


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