US Supreme Court Hears Voter ID Case Starting Today

A voting rights case comes before the United States Supreme Court today. Oral arguments will be heard challenging an Indiana voting law requiring government-issued ID with photo. The court is expected to issue a decision sometime in June 2008, in time for the November Presidential election.

Voting issues affect the transgender community, and therefore, this case will be an interesting one to follow. For background on the case, see these webpages:

Voter ID Laws Are Set to Face a Crucial Test
New York Times – January 7, 2008

Voting Rights Advocates Challenge Voter ID Laws – January 7, 2008

Crawford v. Marion County Election Board

Electronic Privacy Information Center

And also, don’t forget to check out NCTE’s Voting webpage and our publication, “Overcoming Voting Obstacles.”

John Otto
Privacy and Documentation Program Manager


One Response to US Supreme Court Hears Voter ID Case Starting Today

  1. DamienGOP says:

    I served as an Election Judge Supervisor for 2yrs. I believe there is a need for some type of voter ID law without disenfanchising voters. At the sametime, I think we need to concentrate on registration. As I outlined on my blog, voter fraud stated with voter registration. I think we should make easy for eligible people to vote and very difficulf, if not impossible, for noneligible people to do so.

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