Reaching your Representatives this weekend

Thank you to everyone for all you are doing to support a transgender inclusive ENDA! We need to stay in contact with our Representatives, even over the weekend.

You can read our latest Action Alert, with information about the Baldwin Amendment, here. Representative Tammy Baldwin is proposing an Amendment to restore gender identity to HR 3685, the non-inclusive ENDA. Please contact your Representatives to support this amendment. You call the Congressional Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to speak with your Representative.

One very effective way to communicate with members of Congress is to attend meetings or events in your district. Members of Congress often are in their districts on weekends and you can have an opportunity to share your thoughts with them when they make public appearances (the lingo for this is “bird dogging”). has a great resource guide for their activists and you can get ideas from them: If you speak with your member of Congress, please report the results.

NCTE also has a web page focused just on ENDA at

We are making a difference on Capitol Hill and investing in our work for transgender equality now and in future years. Again, thank you for every call, letter, e-mail and conversation with a member of Congress.


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