Morning Reflections from Justin

I got up this morning and, like every day, I opened my e-mail box while gulping down some form of caffeine. This past week has absolutely changed my attitude about what I find there, though. Instead of being annoyed at junk mail or overwhelmed by all the need to clean out that mailbox, I see all of those action alerts from LGBT and allied organizations and I am reminded over and over again of the intense power of solidarity. I feel proud and I feel connected. Every few minutes an e-mail pops up talking about the urgency of keeping ENDA transgender inclusive. And when I check my work e-mail, it’s filling up with people asking how they can help or reporting on what they’ve already accomplished. When I get tired, those messages all give me new energy.

I hope that you, too, are feeling this sense that we are in this struggle together. We are connected, by electronic messages making their way from your house to mine and back again, and by our commitment to being one community, united for justice.

The LGBT community is saying loudly and clearly that the T is a part of US. If politicians try to leave trans people off the bus, well, we’ll catch the next one. But we’re also pointing out that there’s plenty of room on the bus for all.

One reason to take action this weekend and the days to come is to be a part of this feeling, this sense of community.


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