NCTE in the News

If you were watching CNN Newsroom on Sunday night (June 24th), you might have seen our executive director, Mara Keisling, interviewed by Rick Sanchez. Mara appeared on a program entitled “Living from the Inside Out”. It featured various trans-related topics, such as relationship dynamics, spirituality and transgender youth. Reverend Drew Phoenix, a minister with the United Methodist Church who recently came out as transgender, was also
featured on the show.

Mara had a great interview, speaking about the inequalities transgender people face and the courage and tenacity that it takes to be trans in today’s world. When Mara was asked whether or not being transgender is “nature or nurture”, she stated that it doesn’t matter; transgender people deserve the same rights and protections as everyone else, regardless of what makes them who they are.


2 Responses to NCTE in the News

  1. Gay Curmudgeon says:

    Hey folks,It would be great if you could either embed the video or the URL in the post so that other blogs (like mine) could link to it.Good to see Mara without her glasses for once. Ah, vanity, vanity!~GC

  2. Simon Aronoff says:

    Thanks for the idea, GC. You can now click on the screenshot to view the clip.- Simon

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