Hot Off the Press: Special Edition of NCTE’s Newsletter

NCTE has just posted a “Special Edition” of our monthly Newsletter. This month, we’ve focused on the federal legislation that will soon be introduced in Congress and the many ways that you can take action to pass these bill into law! To read it online, please click here.

NCTE's 2006 Lobby Day
Participants in NCTE’s 2006 Lobby Day

Here are four important actions that you can do today:

  • Sign our online petition to Congress urging passage of the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Click here to sign the petition now.
  • Save the date! NCTE’s Lobby Day is scheduled for May 15. It is your chance to educate our members of Congress in Washington, DC. Our goal is to make the largest gathering of trans people ever to speak out for our rights in our nation’s capital. There will be training on May 14, time for meetings with members of Congress and a rally for Transgender Equality. We need your participation!
  • Share your story . If you have a personal employment discrimination story, we can help get it heard on the Hill. NCTE, ACLU, and other organizations have just started collecting stories of employment discrimination online to present to Congress in support of ENDA. To share your employment discrimination story, please click here .
  • Get ’em at home . Plan ahead to visit your member of Congress in your home state during the week of April 9-13. They’ll be in their home district office for Spring recess. Why not write an email right now to several friends and invite them go with you to visit your representatives in April? Then call to schedule a visit. It’s easy to do and it is very effective. If you need information about how to schedule a visit, check out NCTE’s guide, Making Your Voice Heard: A Transgender Guide to Educating Congress.

3 Responses to Hot Off the Press: Special Edition of NCTE’s Newsletter

  1. Anonymous says:

    The best way to protect individual rights and freedom of expression, is to help uphold the U.S. Constitution and it’s Bill of Rights… Not by adding statutes that undermine the Constitution and enable restriction of free speech and inddividual liberties.BTW, this individual opinion is posted BY A TRANSGENDERED PERSON!

  2. Marti says:

    Hate crimes and employment discrimination legislation have been around for a long time (64 for employment and hate crimes was mid 70’s). Sex, race, and religion have been protected classes for quite a long time. These bills do not restrict free speech or individual liberties. Just because you’re a transgender person doesn’t mean you’re not ill informed.

  3. Rachel says:

    Thank you, Marti.I am sick and tired of transgender people deluding themselves that a neoliberal philosophy (commonly euphemized as “libertarian”) will be enough to protect them.The truth is that a disadvantaged group, transgender included, needs specific protections that don’t detract from, but enhance, the intent of the Constitution.I’ve been through so many reactionary transgender people that I’ve lost count – and it’s one reason why I no longer frequent transgender social/support groups. There is a reason why the “Ann Coulter = transgender” rumor keeps flying around; as disgusting as she is, and as harmful as she is to the rights of LGBTs, she would be hardly alone if she indeed were trans.

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