Gender Identity Discrimination Surfaces in Florida

This just in from Equality Florida:

Tonight, City of Largo Commissioners will consider a resolution to fire their City Manager Steve Stanton, a 17-year veteran of the city. Last week, Steve–now Susan–announced that she is transgender and will be completing the gender reassignment process in the coming year.

Largo Mayor Pat Gerard, Police Chief Lester Aradi and other city administrators have been extremely supportive of the city manager and are doing an excellent job of educating the community.

Unfortunately, Commissioner Mary Black has decided to take the discriminatory and divisive step of proposing a resolution to fire Susan. This amounts to employment discrimination and must be stopped.

The proposed resolution to remove the city manager will be voted on TONIGHT. A local mega-church is organizing opposition to Largo’s support for workplace diversity. They’ve sent hundreds of negative emails and we expect them to crowd city hall tonight. We must show Largo city leaders that fair-minded Floridians are willing to stand up for diversity in the workplace and will support them as they oppose employment discrimination.

Three Things You Can Do…
  1. Email Largo Commissioners. We’ve prepared an editable email that you can personalize or send as is. Click here to send an email.
  2. Call Largo City Hall (727-587-6700) and express your support for Susan and for workplace diversity. Encourage Largo leaders to continue their policy of education and tolerance.
  3. Show Up. The City Commission meeting is open to the public and will be held at 6:00PM TONIGHT – February 27th at Largo City Hall – 201 Highland Ave. Largo, FL 33779.

One Response to Gender Identity Discrimination Surfaces in Florida

  1. Sirena says:

    Another example of the influence of what passes for Christianity in this country these days. It produces nothing but fear-filled sheep. If there is indeed a God, and has a head, that head is shaking in disgust!

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