CNN’s Glenn Beck is a real "Thinker"

The Thinker did it again. But was he really thinking? And what is CNN thinking?

Glenn Beck, one of the most inflammatory and hate-mongery television personalities actually said “faggot” [quoting another actor] on the air and dismissed it as a “naughty name.” CNN is making excuses for him again.

This is what we have come to expect of Beck, and unfortunately, of CNN.

For a fuller story on this episode click here.

Why do I call him “the Thinker” though?

On May 25, 2006, Mr. Beck did a segment about the transgender teen in Indiana, who was barred from a high school prom for wanting to wearing an appropriate prom gown after wearing girl’s clothes in school for an entire school year. Mr. Beck carefully analyzed the legal situation the school faced. By carefully analyzing, of course, I mean he called the teenager “Dame Edna” and remarkably “freak boy.” Then he announced, “I`m not a lawyer. I am a thinker.” So that’s nice. So I call him “the Thinker.”

Here is the link to that episode.

Working with GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, we called CNN on Beck’s bigotry and were told pretty much what we are hearing now about this latest bigotry, that is that Beck’s show is not a news show, but rather an opinion show. I can’t remember why I think that a show on CNN’s Headline News network might confuse Americans into thinking that there was news content. Could it be that the CNN Headline News network has the word “news” in its name not once, but twice CNN’s (Cable News Network) Headline News.

Imagine being a teenager and being called “freak boy” on a national news network–I mean opinion network. It is simply wrong and unfair and plain bigoted.

Mr. Beck’s may be the one of the most egregiously explicit anti-trans of the news, errrr, opinion shows, but actually, he disrespects us on the air less often that Tucker Carlson of MSNBC. More on that in a later post.


4 Responses to CNN’s Glenn Beck is a real "Thinker"

  1. DeniseUMLaw says:

    Does it *matter*, Mara, whether the show is an opinion show or not? Even such an opinion show would not tolerate the use the N word, or other racial slurs — would they?This is truly pitiful — and disgusting.

  2. Becky says:

    The problem with coming out publicly against talk show hosts like Beck is that by doing so, no matter how right our position is, we help him, his show, and his opinions gain even more attention and more credibility.The reality is that opinions, his, ours, anyone’s, will always be debatable and by responding loudly and publicly we give Beck and his bigotry undeserved credibility and additional viewership. Not only doesn’t this help our cause, but virtually ensures precisely the opposite.None of us have the media reach this guys does, so there’s really only one effective way to respond to a host and a publicly-presented opinion like this: derision.When we, as a community, need to respond to something like this, we shouldn’t be saying “He’s wrong…”, we should be saying “He’s clueless…”. Attacking Beck’s competency as a host, defining him publicly as ill–informed and out-of-touch with the issues, can be a far more effective tactic than simply countering with “We’re right and he’s wrong.”The fact is, he’s the bigtime media star and he’s always going to get the benefit of the doubt from many because he’s the one under the big lights with the equally big microphone. The way to discredit this guy isn’t to attack his opinions, but his right to be an opinion leader.It’s my feeling that the more we yell and scream publicly about this guy, the more likely it is that we’re helping him to continue to be able to present more of the same in the future.Becky

  3. Mara says:

    I agree with both Denise and Becky. That they justify it as an opinion show is unconscionable. And generally, we do not publicall call them out, but rather work with GLAAD to try to talk sense into the people who run networks and really care primarily about ad revenue.

  4. zquiet says:

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