This Here New Blog

It’s about time. NCTE finally has a Blog. We hope that you find it both useful and enjoyable. Before we begin, just a few guidelines about how things work here.

1. A primary purpose of this blog is to get enhanced information to transgender people and our allies in a more expedited way than we have been able to in the past. Thus, there may occasionally be mistakes caused by our haste.

2. Additionally, please remember that this is a new endeavor for us here. We will make mistakes for that reason also. These might include typos or even factual errors. Let us know.

3. We will try to fix mistakes we make.

4. As appropriate, we will try to state when individual bloggers are expressing their own opinions as opposed to the opinions of NCTE.

5. Initially we will be allowing unmonitored comments from readers to posts we make. We do reserve the right to delete comments or to entirely disallow them in the future. We will however, at least initially, allow even extremist transphobes to post ranting comments, which we expect will help expose the hatred that we all know is out there. We should not be afraid of these words. We do however reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason. We also reserve the right to take comments and build new posts around them to further expose the intolerance and hatred we may hear.

6. While, initially only NCTE staff and Board members will be blogging, in the future, we will be adding additional bloggers to increase the content and perspective available here.

7. In the spirit of the best blogging, we will attempt to be somewhat more informal in style than we are in our other communications. Hope that’s okay.

Please enjoy.
Mara Keisling
Executive Director


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