Trans Tennessee Rocks

I just received the fourth quarter report (below) from the Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition (TTPC). Look at all they are doing. Holy Moley.

Here is an article by Beth Maples-Bays from the Equality Herald about the great work TTPC is doing.

Our friend Marisa Richmond compiles these reports to show members all of the work that they are doing. And it’s really amazing. They are an inspiration. It’s a great reminder that this kind of work is happening all over the country, even in places like Nashville and Chattanooga. (Chattanooga is not actually mentioned in the release, but I wanted the challenge of trying to spell it.)

We have worked closely with TTPC on Congressional education–Tennessee is one of the states where we know people in the state (TTPC) will continuously do education of the Congressional delegation. They are fabulous.

If everyone got involved in all this kind of work wherever they live, wow. Just wow. A lot of states have groups like TTPC; others don’t, but maybe And to be fair, a lot of trans folk and allies do great work individually without group support and that’s great too. JUST GET INVOLVED PLEASE.

Maybe folks would be kind enough to use the comments feature below to mention efforts in their states that people might want to get involved with.

Here is the release from TTPC.

From: []
Sent: Tuesday, January 02, 2007 12:52 PM
Subject: TTPC Fourth Quarter Report
For Immediate Release: Dated January 2 2007
From: Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition (TTPC)
Contact: Marisa Richmond, Ph.D., Nashville Contact Address: P.O. Box 92335, Nashville, TN 37209 Contact Email: Contact Cell Phone:
615-293-6199 Contact FAX: 615-353-1834
Fourth Quarter Report
October to December 2006
Provided ongoing support to the Vote No on 1 campaign opposing the Constitutional Amendment Against Marriage Equality.
Lobbied members of Congress from Tennessee in favor of equal rights for all LGBT persons.
Lobbied members of Tennessee General Assembly in favor of equal rights for all LGBT persons.
Participated in Tennessee Valley Pride Fall Festival in Chattanooga on October 1.
Co-sponsor of National Coming Out Day event in Nashville organized by Church Street Freedom Press on October 11.
Participated in National Coming Out Day Rally in Knoxville on October 14.
Participated in Dick Dialogues at Montgomery Bell State Park, October 20 to 22.
Participated in 4th Annual Nashville Black Pride, October 28.
Appeared on Tennessee Progress Report on WRFN (98.9) in Nashville on October 30.
Participated in GLBT Life and Business Expo hosted by the Nashville Association of Professional Persons on November 4.
Participated in Transgender Day of Remembrance ceremony in Knoxville on November 18.
Spoke to Our Whole Lives sexuality education class at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville on November 19.
Appeared on Avalon Farmcast Podcast show on November 20.
Participated in Transgender Day of Remembrance ceremony in Memphis on November 20.
Co-sponsor of Transgender Day of Remembrance ceremony in Nashville along with Tennessee Vals on November 20.
Upcoming for First Quarter 2007:
Will participate in Advancing Equality Day on the Hill organized by Tennessee Equality Project on February 20.
Will participate in Women’s Studies Conference at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro on February 22.
The Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition (TTPC) is an organization designed to educate and advocate on behalf of transgender related legislation at the Federal, State and local levels. TTPC is dedicated to raising public awareness and building alliances with other organizations concerned with equal rights legislation.
For more information, contact:
Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition (TTPC) P.O. Box 92335 Nashville, TN 37209


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